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Neskuchny Sad, One of the best park of Moscow Россия, Москва, Нескучный сад,

Here is the address of this beautiful park on yandex maps :

If i live in moscow and if i'm on vacation everyday, that is my wish and target, i'd visit there every day.
A big park, you can find everything inside. Or entertainment, or sports, or to get some rest, historical buildings, gardens, or trekking, jogging, skating, a different sport that i see first time, which is walking or sliding on rope, from one tree to another.

If you trust your legs, if you are a real good walker, Try this, you will enjoy, but it will take your all day and you will get slimmer :) 

All of these parks are connected to each other all moscow river side long.

1. You may start from Universitet ( Университет ) Metro station to Lomonosov University (МГУ им. М.В.Ломоносова), 

2. and then walk to the river "prirodny zakaznik Vorobyovy gory (природный заказник Воробьёвы горы)

3. and then walk from river side to east, "Neskuchny sad (Нескучный сад)

4. and keep on walking to east to " Park Gorkogo (Парк Горького)

5. and then " park iskusstv Muzeon (парк искусств Музеон)", 

6. and pass the river from bridge to " Khram Khrista Spasitelya - Kafedralny Sobor Patriarkha Moskovskogo i Vseya Rusi (Храм Христа Спасителя - Кафедральный Собор Патриарха Московского и Всея Руси) 

7. and from " Aleksandrovskiy sad (Александровский сад)" 

8. you will get to " Muzey Moskovskogo Kremlya (Музей Московского Кремля) 

Well Done!   I did this tour many times :)

Here i'd like to share some photos from mostly Neskuchny Sad...

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