31 Ekim 2015 Cumartesi

Aptekarsky Ogorod ( Pharmaceutical Herbs Garden, Ботанический сад МГУ ) in Moscow

This soothing and relaxing park is on the same metro line to V.D.N.Ha All Russian Exhibition Center and Ostankino Tv Tower. Just this park is 3 metro station closer to Moscow center, which is Prospect Mira.
So u may stay a day for 3 beautiful places.

First visit amazing Ostankino Tv Tower
And then you may spend all your day in V.D.N.Ha All Russian Exhibition Center
If you still have time you can visit here Aptekarsky Ogorod ( Pharmaceutical Herbs Garden ) in Moscow
But i should say you, probably you can't visit 3 of these places in one day.

Let's talk about this relaxing garden. I paid 3 dollars to visit this place. And i like there a lot... Because i know how it's difficult to keep a garden. And they really keep such a garden like that big. And 3 dollar visiters admission charge is nothing. Probably government spends much more than this admittance income.
In this park, you'll spend like 1 hour.
Here is the address from Yandex maps:


Bu güzelim botanik bahçesini görmeden evvel,
V.D.N.Ha metro istasyonundan, 
Ostankino Tv Kulesi'ne gidip, oraya çıkın, Pasaportu olmayan kuleye çıkamıyor, kuleye çıkış ücretli,
Aynı gün V.D.N.Ha'daki Rusya Sergi Fuarını da dolaşın All Russian Exhibition Center.
Aynı metro hattından, merkeze doğru 3 istasyon gelin, Park Mira metro istasyonunda bu botanik bahçesini bulacaksınız. 3 dolar gibi bir bedele güzel bir saat geçireceksiniz.

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