28 Ekim 2015 Çarşamba

Sony DSC HX 300 digital compact camera short review

I preferred that camera almost 2,5 years before just because of its video skills. When I record something its automatic focus was the fastest. Also when i was watching the scenes on big led tv there was no shake in motion videos. Scenes was like 3D movie. Today i decided to write a review, because i feel like, it's still one of the best for my needs ( not shaking and fast focus and ultra zoom which is 50x optical zoom, high resoulution video skill, and true colours pictures.)

Just because of video skills i always buy Sony.

But i realized that i need to be gentle for that camera. Because i broke the mode dial wheel and it was dear. To service i paid 70 usa dollars to fix it.

But what about zoom :
Here i share a video about it's zoom, one of the west coast of Turkey, Gökova Bay, Muğla

And below, this video from Moscow, Tsaritsyno Park

PS: Also without startling the birds, u can easily take nice pictures by using excellent zoom...
PS: I took hundreds of nights photos with integrated flash. And still working great. (There's no external flash option.)

Here i'd like to share some of it's pictures...

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